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Firefighter Calcs

Firefighters need to understand the pressure loss across each item in their hose configuration. Firefighter Calcs is ideal for this training as it uses a graphical representation and allows icons to be dragged and dropped. The pressure loss calculations are all detailed along with their fomulas.

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Podcasts - Best Practices   

Eliminating redundancy in your UI will make the form easier to use since the user won't have to review as much information. This podcast considers the UI of a road sign, a webpage and a segment of a form. In each case the original design is compared to a proposed design.
The custom control in Photoshop that used to specify how the canvas should be repositioned within the new size has a flaw. In this video I propose an improvement that makes this control more useful and easier to understand.
We have all used forms that insist that we enter credit card numbers without the use of spaces or dashes to format them. This video podcast discusses how forms should allow flexible input to make it easier for users to enter data correctly.
We often see dialog boxes where the 2 choices are "Yes" and "No" which are not very informative. In this segment I propose that these should be replaced by button titles that carry more information.
This segment suggests that phone numbers should, generally, use a single field instead of 3 in forms.
This segment describes some feedback problems with a virus checking application and what changes could be made to improve that feedback.
In this video I discuss the problem with drop-down list boxes and ideas for improving them with the aim of making the selection faster and easier for the user.